Choosing a Real Estate Agent

An ideal real estate agent always has a robust strategy that will help you sell your house in a manner that benefits you.  Kristina will take you through the available offers, negotiate on your behalf, manage showings and guide you through closing. She will do these things while taking into consideration what is best for you.  Here are some of the things you should consider when selecting a real estate agent to work with.


 A good real estate agent should be experienced and knowledgeable. They must have numerous transactions under their name and show extensive knowledge of pricing and markets. A legal background is an added advantage.  An experienced real estate agent like Kristina Kaminski knows what to do and what do avoid when selling your house. Kristina has handled real estate transactions worth $500,000,000 in her 20 years of service in the real estate industry.  She applies her experience as well as vast knowledge in real estate to ensure her clients get the best deal.


You need a real estate agent who has a network of specialists to assist in the selling process. Make sure the agent is well connected to specialists such as title companies, moving companies, photographers, appraisers, home staging companies and home inspectors.  Kristina can help you get your house sold quickly since she is well connected with home specialists. Whether it is home inspection or appraisal you want done, she will get someone to do them within a few hours.


You also need an agent who is a professional. A professional agent should keep up time during appointments and return your emails and calls accordingly. They should also be in constant communication with you to  ensure you are informed  throughout the selling process and remain composed at all times.  Kristina Kaminski is known for her good interpersonal skills and professionalism. Her high level of professionalism has earned her the prestigious Five Star Real Estate Award.


Real estate agents have different levels of expertise. Some   are familiar with things like development plans, covenants, neighboring schools and driving distances within the area where they operate.  Others are experts in certain types of property or groups of buyers and sellers. It is therefore important you choose an agent who is an expert in   the type of property you want to sell.  Kristina Kaminski is specialized in a wide range of real estate properties.   She is also has extensive knowledge about the geographical characteristics of the areas she operates in.


Preparing Your Home for Sale

 After you choose a suitable agent, you will need to prepare your home for sale. Adequate preparation will increase the prospects of your home getting sold faster and at a higher price. Here are some of the things to consider.

Clean and De-Clutter

The house must be clean and clutter free before it is listed for sale. Make sure you clean the house thoroughly from the basement to the attic. Remove anything that can be unsightly to the buyer. You want to make sure you create a good first impression on the buyer.  Clutter takes away space and makes it difficult for buyers to have a sense of spaciousness. It is recommended you hire a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning for you.


Many buyers include inspection contingency when placing purchase offers. A buyer may remove this contingency if he is satisfied the items identified in the inspection report have already been corrected.  So make sure you conduct a pre-inspection to identify serious problems that may potentially hinder your house from being sold.  If repairing some of the items identified is beyond your budget limit, then you can have them addressed through a closing credit. 

Curb Appeal and Staging

You may need to hire a landscaper to help you improve the curb appeal of your home.   When staging, you will need to take note of key spaces in the room that may not be easily visible to the buyers. You will also need to furnish the rooms and work on the lawns, flowerbeds and entry ways to make them attractive and welcoming. Buyers are more likely to buy your house if it has a good curb appeal.


Make sure your home is clean while it is in active listing. Before you leave the house every morning, ensure everything is in place.  Ensure all beds are neatly spread, toilet lids pulled down, dishes washed and floors cleaned. 




Important Documents

Make sure you can access important documents during closing.  If there is a mortgage you had paid off, ensure you have documents evidencing the payoff.  Specific documents that will be required include bank details, loan number and social security number.


You will need to transfer your mail and other utilities to your new address.  You will have to notify your friends, employer and utility companies about the change of address. Do not terminate utility services to your home since there are costs that come with doing so. Just transfer them to your new address.

Clean the House Once More

Once you move out of the house completely, sweep it clean. The buyer wills most likely walk through the house just to make sure everything is in order before he moves in. Make sure the home is clean and presentable.

Closing Items

Ensure you bring with you valid identification documents during closing. The name in the driver’s license should match with what is reflected in the deed.  You should also hand over keys to the house and garage plus all the remote controls. 

Things to Note

Rodeo Realty recommends you hire a real estate agent when you want to sell a home. Selling a home is a complex process that requires someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in real estate.  You agent will list your house in   local listing services and websites such as and Zillow.  If statistics in your area show a home price range of 100 days after being active, then it means the first phase of the selling process will last for 60 days. If you own a large home with several personal belongings,   it is good you look for a rental storage unit until you sell the house.  Your real estate agent may recommend you sell off the house with a home warranty. This is a good idea since warranties increase buyer’s confidence. Remember your social security number will be required when reporting tax. So make sure you have it ready.  

For your real estate needs, contact Kristina Kaminski of Rodeo Realty. Kristina has all the attributes of a good real estate agent. She will walk you through the selling process and ensure you get the best price for your house within a short period.