Dealing with the death of a spouse, parent or sibling one is often traumatic. It is a reality that every person will face at some point in life. The pain that follows the death of a loved one can be exacerbated with the legal issues surrounding family property. In such cases, it is important to get a trust and probate real estate specialist to help you out. Kristina Kaminski offers trust and probate services to families who have experience the loss of a loved one.

Kristina has created a name for herself as a leader in the real estate industry. Unlike traditional real estate agents, Kristina understands the complex nature of probate property. Regular real estate agents may not know the ideal trust and probate procedures or understand specific forms and requirements when completing a sale. Kristina understands all these aspects of trust and probate property and will work closely with your attorney. She will work to ensure that her clients’ interests are protected during the probate process.  

Kristina’s twenty years of experience selling property through trust and probate makes her one of the most qualified people you should hire. Other realtors will casually say “yes” when asked whether they are experienced in probate and trust. Kristina will not just say yes but also provide documentation of all the properties she has sold through probate and trust.

Kristina’s success in the real estate industry is a result of her commitment to build strong relationships with clients. She strives to know her clients on a personal level and strives to protect them from personal liabilities to ensure smooth transactions. Few realtors go to such extra miles when it comes to selling properties through trust and probate. Feel free to contact Kristina today for any property issues related to. She will ensure you get satisfactory results.