Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally challenging moments in life. From filing countless forms to finally separating property, there is a lot to deal with.  It is important to choose the right divorce realtor when it comes to separating  real estate property during divorce. Kristina Kaminski of Rodeo Realty is one of the few realtors that have proved to be highly efficient during divorce. She has what it takes to help divorcing couples choose what to do with their real estate property. 

Unlike other common realtors, Kristina Kaminski  has mastered every nitty-gritty of divorce and the challenges that come with separating real estate property. Not all real estate agents can handle divorce-related home sales since they do not understand the severity of the situation. Kristina has a lot of experience handling real estate in divorce cases. She knows what steps to take to ensure couples get top dollar for their home. She has sold over $1 billion worth of real estate in her career and created strong relationships with hundreds of clients. Her impressive work experience has earned the widely acclaimed Five Star Real Estate Award issued by Los Angeles Magazine readers, and is a member of the elite President’s Circle at Rodeo Reality.

One of the essential skills necessary for success in divorce-related real estate is good communication. Quite a handful of realtors do not possess this skill, which limits their ability to handle conflicting and emotionally tense situations like divorce. Kristina Kaminski has good interpersonal skills, an attribute that enables her to deal with divorcing couples objectively without creating more conflict. She has the courage to pursue what is best for her clients in the face of emotional challenges. 

If you are facing a divorce, and you do not know how you will handle your shared real estate property, then please call Kristina Kaminski today. Whether you want to put up the house for sale or give it a facelift, she will work objectively to ensure both of you are satisfied.